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The six video series "How to make a scale carbon fiber landing gear" is live now on Our Youtube channel


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I am currently hard at work putting the finishing touches on the article, "how to make a scale carbon fiber landing gear"

Here is a bit of a teaser Animated GIF of the first test landing. Check out how that gear absorbs the landing loads of my 6 pound Yak 54 coming in for a hard landing.

Yak 54 scale carbon fiber gear

This is the landing gear I made in the "How to build a scale carbon fiber landing gear" blog articles and Youtube video series. As you can see in this Animated GIF, it can really take some punishment. This Yak 54 was definitely coming down fast and hard. It was a windy day, (it usually is windy in the spring in Reno, Nevada) and the wind gradient was so severe, that at about 15 feet altitude the airplane just dropped out of the sky. Click on the blog button above to see all the coming articles about this landing gear build.

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